Scented Crystals for Wax Burners

Scented Crystals for Wax Burners

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Scented Crystals - 100g


These are scented salts that can be placed onto your clean dry wax burner. They release beautiful fragrance, just like wax melts.

How To Use


Place a couple of scoops of crystals onto you wax burner, use a 3-4 hour tealight and enjoy. The scent can last around 4-6 hours. When the scent has gone, just tip the crystals away once they have cooled.

You can use the little scoop provided to occasional give the crystals a little stir to heat them evenly. (not neccesary but i like to do this when using mine).


When using your crystals you may find that the colour fades and they may produce a white vapour, this is just the scent releasing and is completely normal.


Colours will vary depending on which scent you pick.


Warning - Do not ingest, if swallowed seek medical attention, Keep out of reach of children and pets, store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.


Update  - these crystals may come in a black packet rather then pink shown in the picture or other colors it can vary.