MÓIR Whipped Body Butter Summertime Shipping


Please keep a close eye on your shipped items! Due to the weather getting HOTTER the body butters are more likely to MELT! So be quick to grab your package once it's been delivered!! We can NOT guarantee NO MELT BODY BUTTERS, but we will do all that we can to prevent this from happening. We mail your orders with Ice packs enclosed however depending on the temperature If your body butter arrives melted, PLEASE take these steps:

1. Place body butter in refrigerator or room temperature room to naturally solidify.

2. Once solid, Enjoy and use body butter as directed.

If completely liquid:

1. Place body butter in refrigerator for roughly 15mins till slightly solid/liquid.

2. Scoop butter into a bowl, Whip with electric blender till butter is light and fluffy.

3. Scoop or pipe butter back into original container.

4. Enjoy and use as directed.

Because the butter has melted it no long has air pockets. This means the body butter will appear HALF FULL because those air pockets no longer exist. Air pockets form when whipped. 
If you place an order on weekends we will ship it Mon-We'd...Bec our shipping carrier can get it to you in two days.


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